More Than a Massage

by Jackie Roby
More Than a Massage

"I need to relax." How many times do you hear that from your clients? Recommending a massage upon arrival can set up their stay properly. But which massage should they choose? When traveling to immersive wellness properties and wellness resorts, the spa menu will likely be full of choices to explore. This is where it gets fun.

Most often we see Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone massages. All have their benefits. Most often when "custom" massages are offered, it's the Swedish massage being delivered. Pay attention to the description to see if there are any extras. For example, at Lake Austin Spa Resort their Custom Comfort Massage can include aromatherapy, hot stones, or cold packs. This is the kind of curated treatment that your client will remember.

After a few hours of flying, the body can feel bloated. To help soothe this, try the Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This light touch, relaxing treatment can be found at many wellness resorts like COMO Parrot Cay. Focusing on the lymph nodes to rid the body of toxins, it can also be a release of emotional toxins. Different from many massages that recommend resting afterwards, some suggest walking for 20 minutes after the Lymphatic Drainage. And yes, keep drinking water.

If your client likes the benefits of a Deep Tissue or Hot Stone but wants to try something new, look for the Bamboo Massage. The therapist rolls warm bamboo cane over the body in the same motions traditionally used in a massage. It allows for a firm and deep pressure not as easily accessed by hand. Different sized bamboo pieces are used throughout to fit the area being treated. During this process, muscle tension is released. It can be beneficial for those with depression or anxiety as it helps to release endorphins in the body, too.

A fantastic way to feel relaxed is through Reflexology. By focusing on pressure points in the feet, hands, and ears, this massage technique is known for stimulating nerve function, improving circulation, and promoting relaxation. This ancient practice has been traced back to Egypt, India, and China. Now widely known, it can be found across the globe from Chatham Bars Inn to Euphoria Retreat. How often are we giving our feet the love they deserve? Since it's typically a fully dressed experience, this is great for the modest traveler, too.

For a truly decadent experience, the Four-Handed Massage is a top recommendation. Two therapists perform a Swedish massage with synchronized motions. This is a beautiful dance that pampers down to your toes (literally). The movement can feel like two massages at once and is great for those with busy minds. The renovated Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon Jamaica offers this luxurious treatment.

There are even more massages to explore, but this is a good start. With each new experience, your clients will remember the trip, the destination, and the travel advisor that recommended their treatment.


Jackie Roby is a sales strategist & social media amplifier for healing & wellness travel businesses. As CEO of Inspired Journey Consulting, she brings 19 years of travel & hospitality sales experience, & hosts the podcast Through Inspired Eyes. Jackie helps clients stand out from their competitors with creative approaches implemented through achievable goal setting, crafting sales & social media strategies to increase revenue that are authentic and communicate the magic of their missions.