Well-Being ..... a state characterized by health, happiness and prosperity


Travel .... to go from one place to another; journey


Well-Being Travel ... is a travel organization whose mission is to educate travel professionals, consumers and travel suppliers in the growing trend of both wellness travel and medical travel.


Wellness Travel is the desire to promote, maintain and improve one's health and well-being while on vacation or traveling for business.


Medical Travel is when a consumer travels away from home either domestically or out of the country to receive medical, dental or cosmetic procedures. With changes in today's healthcare, consumers are looking for quality care at lower costs, and it is important that they are educated and know their options.


Well-Being Travel Agents.. With health, wellness and medical travel accounting for $494* billion dollars in annual travel sales, there is a terrific opportunity for travel sellers to become proficient in wellness and medical travel in order to assist the growing number of clients looking for these types of services.


Today's travelers are increasingly seeking wellness treatments and heading to foreign lands to save money and shorten wait times on medical procedures.  That's where Well-Being Travel steps in to help you in this growing wellness and medical travel market.


Become a Well-Being Travel Specialist Today!


Well-Being Travel Specialists..Our Well-Being Travel Specialists have all completed the Well-Being Travel Specialist course offered through The Travel Institute, which is known for creating national standards of excellence for travel professionals through its education programs.


When you work with a Well-Being Travel specialist, you can be assured that you're in the  hands of one of the best health and wellness aficionados in the travel industry.   Our Well-Being Travel Specialists can help you plan the perfect journey.


Coming Soon: A searchable directory of all our specialists and Well-Being Travel products!


Well-Being Travel Suppliers...Do you offer wellness travel products that you would like to promote to the travel trade and their clients?  Become a supplier member of Well-Being Travel.


Well-Being Travel has developed the Well-Being Travel Specialist program in conjunction with The Travel Institute to meet the educational needs of these travel professionals.  We have also partnered with Travel Market Report, a travel trade publication that reaches 40,000 travel professionals daily. Travel Market Report is also the only travel trade publication that has a section dedicated to health and wellness.


Through our numerous marketing vehicles, we have the ability to market wellness travel to the travel agent distribution channel as well as their clients.

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*Global Spa and Wellness Summit Research report