The Healing Power of Water

by Jackie Roby
The Healing Power of Water

Whether it be beach vacations, cruises, or relaxing by the pool, so many of us are drawn to water. Did you ever stop to wonder why? Sure, it can remind us of time away from our day-to-day lives. But it is one of the most healing resources available to us. It has physical and psychological benefits like easing muscle pain and relieving stress. 

One theory on the origin of the word "spa" is that it's an acronym for "solus par aqua", which translates to "healing through water". Leading to an array of treatments that utilize this natural resource. To name a few, clients can experience balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, caldarium, cold plunges, experience showers, flotation tanks, frigidariums, hammams, hydro-massage baths, mineral springs, thalassotherapy, Vichy showers, or watsu massages. Knowing the terminology and purpose behind these will show your clients the expertise you bring to wellness travel. 

Hydrotherapy circuits are an ideal way to start any spa experience. These can be an added benefit when investing in a spa treatment. Clients are often led through the circuit by a therapist or have a self-guided experience. This is a series of hot and cold to stimulate blood circulation to clear out toxins and impurities. There is a science behind the order which can include waterfalls, saunas, ice baths, steam rooms, and cold plunge pools. Each property has their own version, so it's worth recommending for every trip. Plus, the time spent in the hydrotherapy circuit supports the treatment that follows. At Shou Sugi Ban House, a small group can reserve their hydrotherapy facilities for a private experience. 

Slowing down is healthy for our lives. Imagine taking away outside noise, lights, and people while floating in a small, shallow pool made for one. The water is filled with Epsom salt and you can literally float in this space. Through the scientific studies done at BMC, float therapy can result in less physical pain, a decrease in stress and anxiety, and an increase in optimism and creativity. For clients interested in this, The Lodge at Woodloch has the option for guests to adjust their lighting and music to curate the experience. Chable Yucatan's flotation tank has soothing music and soft candlelight (battery operated, of course). This is a fantastic option for a soothing, meditative space. 

Thalassotherapy uses seawater to soothe the nerves and regenerate the skin. Because the seawater is drawn locally to use in pools, baths, and other treatments, it's often found in climates that have minimal temperature differentiations in the nearby ocean. Look for this in Spain, Greece, France, and around the North African coast. While not limited to these destinations, it may be easier to find or good to keep top of mind for clients traveling that way. OCEANO Tenerife considers the ocean the cornerstone of wellbeing. Thalassotherapy is utilized there in spa treatments, natural seawater pulled to fill the pools, and each guest room has views of the water.    

For a feeling of weightlessness and surrender, watsu is a great recommendation. It's performed in a pool with water set at 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) to be as close to body temperature as possible. The therapist is in the water to support you and massages pressure points, cradles, twists, and stretches the body. Conservatorium even has a watsu experience menu to choose from. This treatment releases tightness in the muscles and supports the calm for mental wellness. 

When looking at spa menus, consider these water elements for natural, deep healing. Destinations with mineral or thermal hot springs could be part of the itinerary, too. Simply put, when in doubt follow the water.


Jackie Roby is a sales strategist & social media amplifier for healing & wellness travel businesses. As CEO of Inspired Journey Consulting, she brings 19 years of travel & hospitality sales experience, & hosts the podcast Through Inspired Eyes. Jackie helps clients stand out from their competitors with creative approaches implemented through achievable goal setting, crafting sales & social media strategies to increase revenue that are authentic and communicate the magic of their missions.